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Pressure reducing valve RP45 (Flanged)


The ADCA RP45 series pressure reducing valves are single seated, bellows sealed controllers that operate without auxiliary energy.

Designed for use with steam, compressed air, and other gases compatible with the construction.

They are particularly suitable for reducing steam pressure in all energy and process systems where downstream pressures must be kept under control.


Pressure reduction is achieved by variable throttling of the inlet flow, by variation of the flow area between seat and disc. The outlet pressure, which is transmitted through the feedback line to the diaphragm chamber, counteracts the spring force acting on the valve spindle, controlling the valve aperture corresponding to the spring setting, and thus, to the required outlet pressure.


Specially designed high durability bellows, providing pressure balancing and frictionless plug stem.

Robust construction (fit-and-forget).

Suitable for use with high pressure turndowns.

Interchangeable actuators