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Balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap high capacity TSS6H (1/2” – 11/2”)


The TSS6H all stainless steel thermostatic steam traps and air vents are specifically designed for use in reactors, sterilizers and distribution lines in clean and pure steam systems.

Their small size makes them ideal for use with a wide variety of these equipments.

The thermostatic element is very sensitive and designed to open with a minimum sub-cooling of around 2 ºC related to the saturated steam temperature.


Modulating discharge.

Wide range of connections options.

Excellent air discharge.

Simple and compact design


Internal wetted parts: ≤ 0,51micron Ra – SF1

External: ≤ 0,76 micron Ra – SF3

Other surface conditions see IS PV20.00 E – Technical information.

Ultrasonic cleaning