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Sanitary pressure sustaining valve PS130


The ADCA PS130 series direct acting, spring-loaded diaphragm sensing, pressure sustaining valves are designed for use with clean air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon and other gases or liquids compatible with the construction materials and valve design.

This valve is specifically designed for the high purity gas systems found in the pharmaceutical cosmetic, fine chemical and food & beverage processes.


Compact design.

Completely machined from 316L stainless steel bar stock, no castings or forgings are used.

FDA / USP Class VI compliant seals.

No rising stem.


Internal wetted parts: ≤ 0,51 micron Ra – SF1.

External: ≤ 0,76 micron Ra – SF3.

Other surface conditions see IS PV20.00 E – Technical information.

Ultrasonic cleaning.