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Industrial valves

Our main represented Valsteam ADCA Eng. started the manufacturing of control valves and pressure reducers to attend and satisfy the needs of simple processes related to pressure reduction and pressure and temperature control loops in the world of steam and thermal fluids installations.

In its continuous growth and technological improvement Valsteam ADCA Eng. has evolved in the growth of its products, both in the range of valves and in applications.

Nowadays it designs and produces a wide and varied range of pressure reducing valves covering high pressure applications (PN63 - PN220), large diameter valves (up to DN150), micro flow valves, valves for industrial gases (Ammonia, CO2, Oxygen, etc.,), blanketing valves or valves for sanitary and hygienic applications within the chemical, pharmaceutical or food sector.

It has also developed a wide range of pressure maintaining valves with the same characteristics as the reducing valves described in the previous paragraph.

In control valves, it currently offers valves with special anti-noise and anti-cavitation internals, with its own patented software for the design and calculation of 2 and 3-way control valves.

In addition, and in line with the development of our represented company, Teccon Fluid Control has opted for valves for critical applications, where it is necessary a tight closure with leakage "0" in severe working conditions and in large diameters, with regulation or all / nothing, as well as elements for cryogenic applications.