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Energy saving

Our awareness of the environment, the pronounced upward trend in the prices of raw materials, the constant rises in fuel prices and their strong impact on the final price of the products produced has led us to offer a new product: "Energy saving studies". Today, all industrial production processes are perfectly automated and have been technologically optimized to obtain high performance. But, does the same thing happen with the processes of generation and transformation of energy? Are the thermal power stations adequately equipped and automated for a better use of energy? Do we know the losses that are generated in the transport lines of the different thermal fluids? Is it possible to take advantage of the residual energy that is usually discarded?

Included under the title "Energy Saving Study" is an ambitious project structured in the following phases:


  • Energy audit: It will allow you to know your energy consumption and the performance obtained.
  • Energy use report: We inform you of those points in your installation where energy performance could be improved.
  • Proposal of corrective measures: A proposal with effective measures that will lead you to correct the possible excess of consumption, energy losses and to save through the use of residual energy.
  • Budget of corrective measures: Based on the previous point, we budget the work to be done to implement the necessary corrective measures.
  • Investment amortization plan
  • Subsidies from the different administrations for energy saving projects.

En definitiva, y siempre bajo nuestra filosofía de ofrecer una “solución integral” a nuestros clientes, una respuesta total para sus necesidades económico-energéticas.