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Float and thermostatic steam traps carbon steel DN25 FLT35

The FLT35 is a series of float and thermostatic steam traps with integral air vent designed for modulating discharge of condensate, ensuring maximum system heat transfer.

Typical applications include unit heaters, heat exchangers, dryers, jacketed vessels and other applications where continuous discharge is essential.


Modulating discharge of condensate at steam temperature.

Unaffected by sudden or wide load and pressure variations.

No backing-up with condensate.

Excellent air discharge through its integrated air vent.

Flow direction can be easily changed by repositioning the body in relation to the mechanism and cover.


Equalizing (vent) and drain connections.

SLR – Steam lock release.

HVV – Hand vent valve.

BDV – Blowdown valve.

AFZ – Anti-freeze device.

FLL – Float lifting lever.

VB21M – Vacuum breaker.